The RSI Co. was established in September of 1983, with the efforts of a group of Iranian experts and craftsmen and on an area of more than 10,000 square meters in Razi industrial city of Isfahan, as one of the biggest paint factories in Iran. Since its foundation, this company has been one of the pioneers of the production of industrial paints in Iran and always maintaining the highest quality and continuous technical improvement on its agenda. And now we are proud to cooperating with many polymer – paint engineers graduated in different units of production, sales, R&D and quality control. The experience of nearly 40 years of continuous cooperation with the industrial plants of Iran, such as the oil, gas, petrochemicals, power plants, metal and alloy industries has provided a valuable reserve for our Company. With this technical backing and valuable experience, entering the regional and international markets, is on agenda and priority of the RSI Company’s business plans.

We come here every day with the goal of building bridges of hope. That in what our employees are focused on every day. We don’t say we are the best, but we try our best. Life is exactly like a game. We cannot control the outcome of this game, we can only control our attitude and commitment. We always challenge our employees to work for the humanity to play for the humanity. Being sure that when leaving the pitch, they are proud of themselves and feel happy with the courage, the bravery and positive attitude.

This is what always matters for us and we feel proud of our employees for that we all belong to the same family. The family of positive concentration, hope, joy and happiness.

This is what we are work on every day. This is what matters.

We are committed to work for more beautiful world, full of color and joy and away from any contamination. We are committed to manufacture High-Tech coating systems. Hope this commitment affects our business, our environment and the society. Trying to achieve these goals, the company has planned to use the most experienced, passionable and talented team of paint industry.

It is our duty to focus on customer’s request, be on time delivery and promise for excellence and success. Our business functions are focused on increasing productivity, and also improving efficiency in production processes.

Technical and specialized advice on choosing industrial paint and coating systems The experts and specialists of Iran Industrial Paints Company can provide technical and optimized suggestions according to your needs and taste in order to choose the most suitable system according to the environmental conditions and also the desired durability of you, dear customers, and help you in choosing the right coating. Provide quality and economic guidance.

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